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2 August 2021 (F) era 30-35 – my spouse and i happened to be suppose to complete some research along on his laptop computer when I walked out we returned in mist of your clearing his browse record. I found myself totally shocked, he mentioned he didn’t desire myself see their porn internet and got embarrassed. We informed it isn’t a matter of him . (95 phrase)

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2 August 2021 (F) get older 26-29 – Hello So my husband and I happen together over 4 decades. We display a son with each other. My husband produces remarks that basically harmed and offend me. He implies his boy isn’t really his. I have already been faithful throughout this trip in which he hasn’t. I’m not sure if hes starting someth. (143 words)

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2 August 2021 (M) years 30-35 – Hi all, thanks ahead of time. I am experiencing difficulity with a platonic pal of mine. She actually is being my closest friend therefore we’ve been close for around 2-years. ‘L’ and I both collaborate, we stay close by and quite often spend time and carpool, and we chat on telephone often all night every d. (384 statement)

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2 August 2021 (M) get older 41-50 – I have had a fantasy regarding willing to watch my wife have intercourse with another guy for more than 13 years. My partner does know this features just lately mentioned Ok to this. Why is this these a big turn on personally if watching the lady doing something she wants to perform. Having Sexual Intercourse. (54 phrase)

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1 August 2021 (F) get older 30-35 – Hi, kindly help i will be truly battling i’m trying to comprehend the structure of events that hold going on. I have just got back once again onto the dating world and wanted to have fun to get casual skills, but in the end shopping for even more. It appears recently that there is a p. (503 phrase)

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1 August 2021 (F) era 26-29 – My personal boyfriend never wants to talk about problems or issues which leads to myself experiencing worse than I already performed and also the issue nevertheless around. I simply feel I’m being silenced because each time We beginning to explore points that annoy me personally or that i would recommend the guy really does to help etc then he . (236 keywords)

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1 August 2021 (F) era 30-35 – we left my personal cat making use of the lady I found myself staying with while we went along to discover my ldr bf. The travel is four weeks and I’m halfway through now. I never asked the girl to look at her she mentioned she’d and it also is no problem and since I got right here it’s been nothing but stress and crisis. She for some reason . (308 statement)

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1 August 2021 (F) get older 22-25 – My s/o and I are together for 9 age. We’ve a daughter together that’s undergoing chemotherapy for Leukemia. Yesteryear 9 years though they have produced me personally joy have also produced myself most discomfort. The guy cheats and is always performing factors he’s maybe not allowed to be performing and I also . (124 terms)

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1 August 2021 (F) era 30-35 – Hi aunts and uncles personally i think therefore missing of late. I was raised working-class. Dad worked in a factory and my personal mommy remained house with we all youngsters. My father additionally pushed us to study to obtain in advance. Family members is EXTREMELY busy. He had been psychologically ill(talked to himself alot) and my mother h. (355 keywords)

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31 July 2021 (F) get older 30-35 – i must say i need advice on this. This has been a couple weeks and I still become poor about any of it. A random guy begins after myself on social media. He noticed myself marked in a photo a friend of mine published, so he begun following me personally. He then delivers me an email. We beginning talking a lit. (1610 terms)

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31 July 2021 (F) era 36-40 – I feel actually sad publishing this article and I’m likely to lay my personal heart bare by claiming the things I do not actually wish think to myself. I will be 38, hitched for 6 ages, need a child and I also haven’t ever held it’s place in adore. By admiration What i’m saying is intimate adore with a person. (i am straight, by the way. simply p. (371 terms)

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30 July 2021 (M) age 30-35 – I recently revealed my ex-girlfriend had an abortion that she held secret from me. Did I not have a right understand? We only sought out for approximately 5 period before circumstances moved stale and then we separated in April. A week ago I bumped into one of their company in a pub and then we had gotten chatting, wh. (401 terms)

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30 July 2021 (M) age 18-21 – Hello. I’m a 19 year old guy and my girlfriend is 22. So, it’s a 3 years difference and we are both okay with it. We dated for 3 months now hitting 4. And to be honest, I had a great time spending my time with her and her the same and we felt like we have known each other for like . (392 words)

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